Tuesday 11 December 2012

Baking in silicone

So... My gingerbread recipe turned out to be not so great, the dough was sticky as &^%#, and it baked very uneven. Trying another recipe soon, but till that time I have something else to show you.

At my work we sell all different kinds of silicone mats and bakeware, mostly from Silikomart. I already made some chocolates in silicone moulds, and baked cakes in silicone, but now Silikomart has these great Christmas-related molds for cookies as well. They've been giving me looks and whispering to me whenever I walked past the bakeware,  and last friday I finally got to try one out!

I was very sceptical, because.. How do you bake cookies in silicone? You're supposed to roll it out and cut shapes with cookie cutters or a glass. My gut told me this wouldn't work.

I ignored my gut, thankfully! You can definately bake cookies in silicone molds. Wanna see? The image is poor quality but..

There! A cookiehouse, baked in silicone!
Ofcourse I couldn't help myself, so I bought one of Silikomart's Christmasmolds for myself. Or maybe I bought two. I will show you soon! Meanwhile, check out Silikomart's other products here if you like.

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